Healthy Eating On a Budget: Great Tips!

Instead of making a big deal about resolutions, think about a few ways you can nudge your way towards healthier without it being overwhelming. We’ve all been there – the new year comes & we’re headed out to the store to spend big bucks on everything healthy we can lay our hands on. We drop […] … Continue reading Healthy Eating On a Budget: Great Tips!

Papaya Jam Recipe And More

Papaya is good for heart, eyes, digestion, hairs. Due to rich antioxidants property help in improve immunity. A ripe papaya is usually eaten raw without skin or seeds. Papaya taste is good with strawberry/mango/orange/lemon/yogurt/almond milk. Here is some easy and healthy recipe for everyday . Papaya jam- Papaya jam is made of fresh ripe papaya. […] … Continue reading Papaya Jam Recipe And More

Delicious, Healthy Cookie Recipe

I’m really struggling to not get over excited about these. In my opinion, they are the best recipe I have written to date. They’re absolutely DELICIOUS. I didn’t intend on making these gluten free, dairy free, and vegan; but it just so turned out that way. I love this because it means everyone can enjoy […] … Continue reading Delicious, Healthy Cookie Recipe

Spelt Tortillas: Easy DIY Recipe

  Spelt Tortilla Recipe: 3 cups of Spelt Flour (light- not the dark) 1 tsp of sea salt 1 tsp of aluminum-free baking powder 1/3 cup of vegetable oil 1 cup of warm water Method: Combine all of the dry ingredients together well (I used a KitchenAid with a dough hook to make these, but … Continue reading Spelt Tortillas: Easy DIY Recipe

These Look Yummy!

Chocolate and strawberries are a match made in heaven and there’s a healthier way to make and eat them at home using the superfood cacao 🙂 A healthy treat you can enjoy guilt free at any time of the day! Ingredients for the chocolate 1 cup melted coconut oil 1 cup organic cacao powder 1/2 … Continue reading These Look Yummy!

Which Plastic Containers Are Safe?

Something I have been thinking about for quite a while now but haven’t really acted upon apart from the other week we decided we would dispense with tinned tomatoes as we do use quite a lot and I have concerns about leaching into our food. Sally’s post on plastics added even more fuel to the […] … Continue reading Which Plastic Containers Are Safe?