DIY Coconut Butter



D-I-Y Coconut Butter

It’s the easiest thing ever…

*By the way, This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  Keep reading below for the recipe.

I used  (from Costco), but you can also get them on Amazon by simply clicking the link :  non-sweet, dehydrated, Coconut Flakes to make this Coconut Butter-  I added the flakes to my Vita-Mix blender (another type of blender could also be used- but I have to say, once you’ve used a Vita-Mix, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.  Just saying).

In this step, you need a bit of patience.  I would pulse on low, take a knife to re-position the flakes and repeat these steps until it begins to liquefy and at this point, I put it on high.

As you notice in the photographs, the coconut flakes will start to forms clumps and then will begin to liquefy.  I actually loved the consistency of the second last picture, but because I wanted to make a coconut butter icing, I wanted it smooth like the last picture.



The great thing about making it super smooth is that the coconut butter will just pour out of your blender container because of it being warmed by the blending action.


Ideas for using coconut butter:

– Pour over pancakes, add to oatmeal, add to coffee, drizzle over fresh fruit, spread on toast… Yum!

Also is the greatest base for an amazing icing!

Coconut Butter Icing Test Recipe:

I experienced with honey as a sweetener (I didn’t add much).  I decided to use about 1 cup of coconut butter, a few TBSPS of honey (I don’t like using sweetener, but when I do, I prefer to use honey).  I usually start with a very small amount, taste to see if it’s ok and add more if I need to.

I also added ¼ tsp pure vanilla extract and about ½ tsp of almond extract (might of added a bit more to my liking after).

Again, I added the extracts a bit at a time and tasted as I went along.

I served the icing over an Oatmeal flour Carrot Cake Recipe and it was so delicious!!!  According to my husband and my son, this a keeper!”



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