Slow Cooker Applesauce Recipe, Easy


DIY Applesauce in Slow Cooker (Sugar-Free, Honey- Free, Sweet-Free)

We had a bunch of apples that were about to go bad and we decided to make applesauce with them.  My granddaughter assisted me since she loves applesauce!!  I decided to make the sauce without sugar or any type of sweeteners whatsoever because our granddaughter is hyperactive and she cannot tolerate the sugar.  I must admit the end result is even better than I had anticipated!

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So here is my method:

I used the slow cooker which really made it easy, plus my house smelled like fresh-baked apple pie!!


2 bags of red apples (with peel – I soaked my apples in a white vinegar/water solution and rinsed them before using them);

2 cups of water;

cinnamon sticks (whole).  *Please note that I found 4 cinnamon sticks to be a bit too much for my taste and I would cut it down to 3 next time).

A pinch of pink rock salt (ground), any salt will do.  I prefer the pink Himalayan salt because it’s so rich in essential minerals.

After coring the apples, I passed them through the food processor with peel (because I feel the peel has extra nutrients we need);  I then added the apples, water, and cinnamon sticks (stick them inside the apple pieces at different places inside the pot).  At first, I put it on high for like 4 hours and stirred it to break up the pieces, and then simmered for a few more hours (enough to have the pieces get really soft).

After the simmering is done, I let it cool down.  After cooling, remove the 4 cinnamon sticks and transfer to either a food processor or a blender to smooth out the chunks and the peelings.

Notice that the color is somewhat brownish… this is normal for a nice, homemade applesauce!  Even though there is no sugar in this recipe, the applesauce tastes very good to the palette.  Enjoy!!


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