Aluminum & Corn In Your Christmas Cookies?

Wow! Great information on making your own aluminum-free baking powder. Thanks so much for this post!

Act Natural Health and Wellness

If you are using commercial baking powder in your recipe, they might be! That’s crazy, right? Well, we are all conditioned to believe products like baking powder are clean, but baking powder falls under the CRAP list (Commercially Reproduced Artificial Products).
Before baking powder there was good old Cream of Tartar. Combined with Baking Soda,  Cream of Tartar will give you the rise you are looking for without the added aluminum and corn starch, which is usually added to the baking powder so it doesn’t clump….totally gross! Did you know that more people have an adverse reaction to corn than other grains? It’s high on the allergic reaction list, but isn’t ever spoken about. Why? High profits in the human and animal food industry.
Corn is one of the top 3 crops which are genetically modified, along with soy and canola. GMO’s are not regulated (a subject for…

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