Easy Shrimp Salad with Greens

Felt like having a Shrimp Salad loaded with Greens and Tomatoes- Yummy!


I’m not too fussy when it comes to making a salad.  I usually put together a bunch of greens like roman lettuce, arugula, broccoli, a bit of parsley (not much because it overpowers) and then I added some cherry tomatoes, a bit of cucumber (which you don’t see in the pic because I only added them after I took the pic….

Instead of salad dressing, I use raw, cold pressed olive oil or avocado oil with a bit of pink, Himalayan salt and a pinch of dried basil (fresh basil would be even better).  I toss it all together and add my delicious shrimp.

*Factoid:  Did you know that eating raw olive oil is good for your heart?  Plus it’s loaded with antioxidants that will help maintain healthy blood cells.  I love this heart healthy, monosaturated fat!

Looking for places to buy healthy, raw olive oil.   I usually get mine from Costco, but I noticed you can purchase it from Amazon.com in the USA,  or Amazon.ca (if you’re from Canada).

*Here’s a way to get FREE Shipping from Amazon (register for prime as a trial, order what you need and then cancel the trial if you don’t think you’ll use it again.

We love to share healthy products with you and in order to do this, we use second party links. When you make a purchase via one of these links, we may receive compensation for spreading the word.  This enables healthnuts.club to continue bringing you more awesome, healthy ideas.  Thank You for your continued support!


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