Quick Energy-Boosting Snack


I was hungry for a snack and since I needed to use up my avocados, it was a perfect choice!

All I did was drizzle a bit of olive oil (I use the cold press oil, which you can order here), with a bit of pink, Himalayan salt, a pinch of cumin, some cracked pepper and topped with some fresh basil leaves.


A perfect, healthy snack rich in vitamins and minerals and filled with heart-friendly fats.

*Factoid:  Avocados are super rich in fiber (4.3 grams per approx. 1/4-medium-size avocado), which is the equivalent of 0.87 teaspoons.  So by eating a full, medium-size avocado, you’re getting approximately 3.5 teaspoons of fiber.  Awesome!








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