How to Cook Chickpeas in 15-Minutes


I love chickpeas or garbanzo beans!  They are delicious and so healthy! Not to mention how economical it is to prepare them yourself.

Saving money, eating healthy and quick to prepare… Definitely a winner in my book!

If you remember, my first attempt at cooking chickpeas in a stovetop pressure cooker didn’t turn out so well (read all about it here).  So, after I recovered and felt brave enough to try again, here are the results from test #2:

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Test #2

Based on a stovetop, 6.5 pressure cooker

  • The night before, I soaked 2 cups of dried chickpeas in plain water (make sure to add enough water for expansion- chickpeas will double in size:  2 cups of dry chickpeas will end up being 4 cups of chickpeas;
  • The next day, strain out the water, add 2 cups of the strained chickpeas to the pressure cooker and add water up to the 1/3 mark;
  • Add a large clove of garlic;
  • Add 1/4 of a large onion;
  • 2 small bay leaves
  • 1 tsp of avocado oil (or any other neutral oil), oil prevents foaming (very important);
  • Have a timer by your side and set it to 15 minutes (but don’t start it yet- only have it ready);

Cook time:  Close the cover tightly, make sure the safety valve button is on food and not steam (this is the black button on top of the cover that turns either on steam or food setting.  When the valve is on steam, it means the valve is opened, allowing steam to come out of the pot.  You don’t want this when you’re cooking, you want to trap the steam to cook your food).  See picture below.

  • Turn the burner on high.
  • **Turn on a second burner on medium-low (*electric burner is 2.5).  This is necessary for quickly transferring your pot on a lower heat setting.

Do not leave the kitchen.  You will need to keep an eye on the red button (on top of your cover).  As your pot is heating up, steam is forming inside, you will notice the red button jumping up and down and eventually staying up.  Once the button stays up, transfer your pot to the second burner (which has been preheated) to medium-low, or 2.5.

  • As soon as you transfer your pot to the medium-low burner, start your timer (15 minutes).
  • Make sure to check the red button to ensure it stays up during that time.  (If the red button didn’t stay up, read the troubleshooting below).
  • After the 15 minutes are over, remove the pot from the burner, do not release any steam from the safety valve, just let it cool down naturally.

The chickpeas were cooked perfectly for hummus, they split just a bit and they were soft.

*Setting the second burner to medium-low heat, 2.5 on an electric stove).  Of course, this depends on your stove.  The heat can vary from one stove to the next.  You might need to adjust your medium-low heat setting.  If the red button falls during the 15 minutes on medium-low heat, this means your low heat was too low and couldn’t maintain the steam inside the pot (see instructions below if this happens).

If you notice the pressure valve starts steaming just a little too much or it’s spitting out a bit, turn your medium-low heat down a bit (because it’s heating too much and the steam is building up inside).

At this point, you will discover the perfect medium-low heat for cooking with your pressure cooker.

**The reason for having a second burner ready is because an electric stove doesn’t adjust quickly enough to a temperature change.

If The Red Button Drops During Low Heat Time: After you transfer your pot from high heat to medium-low heat, the red steam button should stay up for the duration you timed (15 minutes in this case).  If the red button falls down during this time, this means you’ve lost your steam because the medium-low heat (2.5) wasn’t high enough to maintain the steam inside the pot (so, bring it up a bit) and repeat step 1 by placing your pot on a high heat burner once again until the red button pops up and transfer to your lower heat burner, and time for 15 minutes.


Pressure cooker buttons SS


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