Awesome Gluten Free Tortilla Recipe That’s Pliable!

Homemade Tacos SS

I made these gluten-free tortillas and they’re a winning recipe!  We love them!  My husband who doesn’t like gluten-free too much insisted I make more of these because they were so tasty and very pliable as well.  He said:  “They are even better than the regular wheat tortillas!”

One thing I did is use buckwheat flour to coat them.  Buckwheat has a lovely, nutty flavor which is only enhanced in the pan.

By the way, I share products that I feel are worth sharing with others.  If you decide you love the products and went ahead and purchased them, I will be compensated in order to keep bringing you more healthy choices.  Thank You!

Gluten-Free Tortilla Recipe



You will need the following:

Large bowl, parchment paper (or something similar), rolling pin, cast iron pan (or another type of pan, but the cast pan makes the best tortillas).

  • place the buckwheat flour in a small bowl and set aside (you’ll need it in a bit)
  • In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together (except for the buckwheat flour), until you have a nice malleable dough ball add more flour if it’s too sticky- the dough should be smooth.  Divide into portions (I made 18, but it depends on the size you want them to be).

Dough for Tortialla GF

  • Once you have your portions, take each portion one at a time, dip in the buckwheat flour and then flatten slightly between your hands and lay them onto the parchment paper.  Once you’ve flattened the batch, cover and let sit for 12 minutes or so (as in the photographs below).
  • Keep scrolling down for the rest of the instructions.

GF Tortillas 2GF Tortillas 3

  • Once the 12 minutes are over, heat your cast iron skillet over medium-high heat (tortillas cook better on high heat).

GF Tortilla 4

  • While you’re waiting for your pan to get hot, lightly flour your working surface with buckwheat flour.  Roll out one of the dough patties into a nice thin tortilla (like paper-thin).
  • Add your raw tortilla to your heated pan and wait a few minutes until you see some brownish spots appear and then flip and wait for cooked spots again (note that the first tortilla will take longer to cook because the pan isn’t quite as hot as it ought to be.  You’ll notice once you start cooking them.
  • Repeat this method to cook each tortilla.

*What these tortillas lack in aesthetics, they make up for in taste!

GF Tortillas Cooking SS

  • Here’s a tip:  Add your cooked tortillas to a skillet and use a cover to keep them warm and moist until you’re ready to serve them.

GF tortilla store SS

Finally, you can enjoy these delicious, gluten-free tortillas!!

GF Tortialls Piled SS


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