Strawberries, Natural Teeth Whitener and More

strawberries-sweet-red-delicious-55744.jpegCan’t wait to taste, fresh, juicy Strawberries… So good and so healthy!

Strawberries: On top of having cardiovascular benefits, being an anti-oxidant, a natural blood sugar regulator, a natural anti-inflammatory, an excellent source of vitamins C, and a good source of manganese, strawberries naturally whiten your teeth.

Did you know that Strawberry seeds contain “Omega 3”?  Who knew?

Beware:  Buy certified organic strawberries whenever possible.  In a study, they found high amounts of pesticide residues in non-organic strawberries.  Although organic strawberries are not guaranteed to be pesticide-free, tests have shown that they contain far less.  Read about the study here.

How to use strawberries to whiten your teeth:

1.  Pick strawberries from the field (or if that’s not possible buy them from the supermarket);

2.  Wash them;

3.  Sit down with your favorite people;

4.  Offer to share with those around you;

5.  Slowly sink your teach into each strawberry, chew and enjoy the sweet, summer fresh explosion in your mouth;

6.  Repeat and repeat for a perfect glistening smile!

Another natural, chemical-free way to whiten your teeth is by swooshing “Coconut Oil” in your mouth, making sure to cover the teeth.  Swoosh for as long as you can stand it, then spit it out (not in the sink- it could clog your drain).  I use some tissue and then discard in the garbage.

Now show off that smile!



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