100% Fruit Ice Cream Without Milk Products or Sweeteners


Make Fruit Ice Cream with 100% Fruit Only- It’s like a magic trick!

A friend introduced to me this incredible machine that turns frozen fruit into ice cream (instantly without adding anything to it).  It’s incredibly delicious and has become our favorite appliance!  And It’s so easy to use and cleanup is a breeze.

No milk products, no sugar, no sweetener necessary.  Just delicious and healthy fruit!

No need to chill after it comes out of the machine; serve immediately.

We are lactose-intolerant in our household and we would eat (as a treat) yogurt ice cream.  But, we would only get it once in a while because of the sugar and the calories.  Ever since we got the “Yonanas” machine, there is no need to buy ice cream at all.  So this means healthy ice cream any time we feel like it without worrying about the sugar or the calories.  Plus we’re saving money!  I love it!

You can find the “Yonanas” machine on Amazon.  View the video to see how it works.  I promise, if you’re health conscious, you’ll want this machine:  Click here if you’re in Canada.  Click here if you’re in the US.  

If you have children or grandchildren, “Yonanas” is a must.  Healthy ice cream means the kids won’t be climbing the walls after they’re done eating their treat.  Our granddaughter just loves when we make Yonanas!!

Disclaimer:  Health Nuts finds awesome products from second and third party partners,  and brag about them on our blog.  Whenever you think the products we promote are worth purchasing and you decide to follow our links to do so, the company, in return, may decide to compensate us for all the bragging we’ve done.  Please note:  *We only brag about products that are genuinely worth bragging about so you won’t be disappointed!


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