Sharing our Beautiful Fall Colors: East Coast


I decided to add a little fall flavor to my blog this week!  We were out and about enjoying the fall air and we were stunned by the colorful display all around us!  I thought I would share the beauty with you.  Enjoy!  Happy Fall everyone!

The 1st photograph was taken in a small village in the Province of Quebec.  The village is called “Matapedia.”  The fall colors seemed to be very intense in this spot; perhaps it was the lighting or the contrast with the green spruce trees.


A photograph of the famous “Restigouche River” from a lookout in “Soleil d’Or” (Ascension de Patapedia).  The words Soleil d’Or, translate literally “The Golden Sun.”  The center of the river divides our two provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick.

IMG_0347small signed

Another sure sign of autumn is a flock of Canada Geese resting in the field.



Maple trees are in my opinion, the tree that shows off the most intense colors of yellow, red or orange!

Taking time to enjoy the beauty around us is rejuvenating and calming!  Close your phones and your devices, pack a lunch, choose a spot to explore, and I promise you will feel amazing afterward!  Of course, make it a healthy lunch…  🙂

Suggestion:  We brought some green tea with two mugs and enjoyed a bit of tea!  You could always bring wine too.  😉



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