Homemade Mac n’ Cheese vs Processed Shared Post— Retired? No one told me!

This is a great recipe.  If you suffer from intolerances such as I do, you can just switch up some of the ingredients for lactose and gluten free ingredients.  I agree with the “Retired? No one told me!”, store bought Mac n Cheese have nasty ingredients and making your own is always a healthy and wise choice.

Macaroni cheese… I don’t eat it very often but when I do I love it? A lovely cheese sauce some pasta topped with fresh breadcrumbs and grated cheese I also add sliced tomatoes around the edge… Tasty and moreish it is a delicious meal. However what about the boxed macaroni and cheese? I will use […]

via Homemade Mac & Cheese v processed Mac & Cheese. — Retired? No one told me!


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