Are Rolled Oats Gluten-Free or Not?

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Gluten Free Rolled Oats??

When I was more sensitive to gluten (I’m not so much now), I always just assumed rolled oats contained gluten and I just stayed away from them.

I have learned a few years back that oats do not contain gluten.  The problem lays with cross-contamination between wheat and the oats at the factory or mill.  When the package actually states “Gluten Free Oats”, this means they Guarantee no cross-contamination between the two.

I am so glad to have learned about this!  Now, I purchase my oats from Bob Red Mill!  I love this brand and their products are of the best quality!  Another great reason for buying their products is that they’re GMO-Free. Nice to have that peace of mind!  And on top of those awesome benefits, the price is really good because you can purchase them in bulk (unfortunately, they don’t sell them in bulk in Canada, but the price is still good on Amazon here.

I love oats because it just adds that much more variety to your gluten-free baking.  I often run them through my VitaMix to make a nice flour with them.  This flour can be used in cakes, pancakes, or flatbreads; the flour has a nice neutral taste to it.  Can easily be combined with other flours or used as is.

Whenever you buy rolled-oats, ensure that the packaging states it’s actually gluten-free.  See the packaging for the Bob Red Mill below.  *Don’t assume rolled oats are automatically gluten-free even when you purchase the Bob Red Mill brand.  I noticed, the company sells both (the oats that are with contamination and the oats that are without, so it’s important to look for the gluten-free logo).

gluten free oat packaging

It’s pretty sad when you need to analyze the ingredients of any packaged food to ensure it’s worthy of eating, but “c’est la vie!”

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