My blog is about healthy living habits, preservative awareness (you know those hard to pronounce words that all end with (…ites and …ates) which actually translate to harmful chemicals lurking in our food), plus I love adding some tried and tested lactose-free and gluten-free recipes.

From early childhood leading up to adulthood, food intolerances and food preservatives have plagued me with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, mental fog, headaches, aching body, poor digestion, to mention but a few symptoms.    And finally, through self-education,  a little help from a neuro-surgeon and some lifestyle changes,  I was well on my way to improving the overall quality of my life!

Via this blog, my intention is to share everything I’ve learned through trial and error with those who are possibly struggling with symptoms similar to mine.

And since I believe in these wise words:  “Through many advisers there is victory.”  I invite you to please share your experiences, your food-related struggles, and your conquests.

Even if you only drop-in to browse for recipes, please take a moment to say hi.