Definitely Will Try These!

Who said that not drinking alcohol had to be boring? There are so many ways to have fun without the toxins in your body. Whether you just want one clean weekend, or you are looking at making alcohol-free living a permanent part of your life, you do not have to worry about what your friends… via … Continue reading Definitely Will Try These!

Take Time To Watch The Foxes

My husband was getting ahead with some painting and I was working on some sewing and other stuff I so needed to get done.! When we sat down in our living room for a little tea break, we were entertained by this fox couple chasing each other and enjoying the sunshine on this mild winter day!  What … Continue reading Take Time To Watch The Foxes

Perfect for Winter Blues!

If I hear myself complain about being tired one more time… But we’re all in a collective state of tiredness, right? Welcome to adulthood. In winter, I seem to feel particularly sluggish and there’s something about the cold weather that makes me reach for junk food quicker than the healthy snacks I usually take smug […] … Continue reading Perfect for Winter Blues!