Being Organized is Key To Preparing Healthy Meals

Say you are a busy family…well, aren’t we all, but say both parents or a single parent is busy trying to make a living and cooking from scratch is an exhausting prospect. Or there is a homemaker in the house all week but cooking all the time is not fun for this person. What to […] … Continue reading Being Organized is Key To Preparing Healthy Meals

Awesome Post About Not Wasting Cooking Juices!

I came across a recipe this week as I was reading blog posts and it used the juice from the chickpeas to make a lovely sounding mayonnaise…. I also attempted and that is definitely the operative word to make my own baked beans now this wasn’t a wholly successful venture but cooks/ chefs know […] via … Continue reading Awesome Post About Not Wasting Cooking Juices!

Awesome Guideline on What Fish to Avoid-

Fish can serve as a power food or an absolute toxic inflammatory nightmare to your body. Everything depends on the kind of fish you choose. The American Heart Association recommends that you eat fish twice a week to meet the RDA for omega 3 fatty acids. But how on earth do you know that the… via … Continue reading Awesome Guideline on What Fish to Avoid-

Cacao Powder – The Superfood

Great information on the benefits of “Cacao as a superfood.”

Happy Healthy Tash

You can’t beat the mood boosting properties of chocolate but if you are trying to eat a healthy diet and lower your intake of sugar, chocolate appears to be a forbidden food which is just depressing and definitely not boosting our moods.

However my beautiful friends, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of the superfood; cacao!

Chocolate that is a superfood! What could be better?

I use cacao in a lot of recipes and thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about the many benefits and the reason why I love this superfood.

Cacao is different to cocoa even though they come from the same plant, Theobroma Cacao, which can lead to some confusion. So what are the differences and what are the benefits of consuming cacao leading it to be labelled as a superfood?

The Difference between Cacao and…

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Easily Avoid Bacteria and Parasites

  Avoid Bacteria and Parasites with this easy trick: I was told by my doctor to always soak my fresh fruits and vegetables in a vinegar-water solution in order to prevent sickness from nasty bacteria and potential parasites. Best advice!! Plus, it's a good way to rid the wax that coats many fruits and vegetables. Factoid:  Did … Continue reading Easily Avoid Bacteria and Parasites