Delicious Hummus Without Tahini

I always have frozen chickpeas on hand for hummus.  With the pressure cooker method for cooking the beans, the results are delicious not to mention quick (only 15 minutes).  You can see the method here.  Although I unfailingly make sure to have chickpeas (garbanzo beans) on hand, I cannot say the same with Tahini. The … Continue reading Delicious Hummus Without Tahini


Be Frugal: Do This With Your Veggie Scraps

I had been saving all of my vegetable scraps (peels and all), and storing them in a freezer bag.  Today, my freezer bag was full and I decided to put them to good use. Since I just love my pressure cooker, I figured, I might as well give it a try for making broth (I … Continue reading Be Frugal: Do This With Your Veggie Scraps