100% Fruit Ice Cream Without Milk Products or Sweeteners

Make Fruit Ice Cream with 100% Fruit Only- It’s like a magic trick! A friend introduced to me this incredible machine that turns frozen fruit into ice cream (instantly without adding anything to it).  It’s incredibly delicious and has become our favorite appliance!  And It’s so easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. No … Continue reading 100% Fruit Ice Cream Without Milk Products or Sweeteners

Papaya Jam Recipe And More

Papaya is good for heart, eyes, digestion, hairs. Due to rich antioxidants property help in improve immunity. A ripe papaya is usually eaten raw without skin or seeds. Papaya taste is good with strawberry/mango/orange/lemon/yogurt/almond milk. Here is some easy and healthy recipe for everyday . Papaya jam- Papaya jam is made of fresh ripe papaya. […] … Continue reading Papaya Jam Recipe And More

Delicious, Healthy Cookie Recipe

I’m really struggling to not get over excited about these. In my opinion, they are the best recipe I have written to date. They’re absolutely DELICIOUS. I didn’t intend on making these gluten free, dairy free, and vegan; but it just so turned out that way. I love this because it means everyone can enjoy […] … Continue reading Delicious, Healthy Cookie Recipe

This Bean Dip Looks Delicious!

I do realize that title is a mouthful. I have such a hard time coming up with short titles… Until then… Here’s a brand new dip for you! Who doesn’t just love a good dip?! Whether it’s for a party, maybe some friends or family are coming over, OR… if you’re like us, you just […] … Continue reading This Bean Dip Looks Delicious!

Meatless Chili That Tastes Meaty: I Must Try This

No, I’m not vegan. Yes, this chili is just as delicious as any meaty, cheesy chili I’ve ever made. No, I’m not kidding. It even passed the Kyle test. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Kyle test, it’s this thing where I feed my extremely carnivorous boyfriend extremely plant-based food, and watch […] … Continue reading Meatless Chili That Tastes Meaty: I Must Try This

Easy Shrimp Salad with Greens

Felt like having a Shrimp Salad loaded with Greens and Tomatoes- Yummy! I’m not too fussy when it comes to making a salad.  I usually put together a bunch of greens like roman lettuce, arugula, broccoli, a bit of parsley (not much because it overpowers) and then I added some cherry tomatoes, a bit of … Continue reading Easy Shrimp Salad with Greens