My Favorite Blueberry Muffin Recipe

These are my favorite muffins!  They're moist, not too sweet and very tasty! I love that they're made with Spelt Flour (I have an intolerance to our modern wheat flour and Spelt doesn't seem to affect me). *I have never tried this recipe with regular wheat flour, but I'm guessing it would work as well. … Continue reading My Favorite Blueberry Muffin Recipe


Papaya Jam Recipe And More

Papaya is good for heart, eyes, digestion, hairs. Due to rich antioxidants property help in improve immunity. A ripe papaya is usually eaten raw without skin or seeds. Papaya taste is good with strawberry/mango/orange/lemon/yogurt/almond milk. Here is some easy and healthy recipe for everyday . Papaya jam- Papaya jam is made of fresh ripe papaya. […] … Continue reading Papaya Jam Recipe And More